Docs By The Sea is an international documentary forum for creative documentary projects with the focus of Southeast Asia. It is an excellent platform to network, obtain industry insights, and get your projects funded and distributed. Docs by the sea is initiated and organized by Bekraf, in partnership with In-Docs
BEKRAF is a specially formed governmental department under the President of Indonesia that is responsible for the development of Indonesian creative economy. Bekraf has been a key motor behind various strategic initiatives that fuel Indonesian creative economy from various sectors, including Docs By The Sea, which aims to improve the competitive edge of Indonesian documentary films in securing access to funding and distribution as well as to improve the quality of Indonesian documentary films.
Since 2002, In-Docs has conducted workshops in 13 cities in Indonesia, discovering raw talents and producing documentaries from unlikely places with a quality that is widely recognized among the Indonesian film scene and abroad. In-Docs also has also conducted documentary screenings in more than 30 cities in Indonesia. In 2015, In-Docs focuses on the building of documentary infrastructure in Indonesia by creating platforms and programs that connect Indonesian documentaries with the international industry and strategic partners that can widen the reach and the impact of the films.