In the second edition of Docs by the Sea, 41 documentary projects from 11 Southeast Asian countries have been selected to pitch in Docs By The Sea pitching forum. There is also special pitching forum of IF/Then Southeast Asia, collaborated with Tribeca Film Institute. As many as 34 international key documentary industry experts from 14 countries attended the forum to provide feedback and to consider collaborations with selected projects. 4-day storytelling and editing labs, as well as 2 sessions of legal workshops were attended by 64 participants on 2—6 August 2018, while 2 seminars and 264 one-on-one meetings also took place alongside the pitching forum from 7—9 August, 2018, in The Patra Bali Resort & Villas. To find out more about Docs By The Sea 2018, please download the catalog. file_download
Decision Makers
Alice Burgin - CEO/Conference Director of Australian International Documentary Conference, Australia
Aloke Devichand - Senior Producer of Al Jazeera, UK
Amy Hobby - Executive Director of Tribeca Film Institute, USA
Ben Thompson - Short Films Programmer of Tribeca Film Festival, USA
Brigid O'Shea - Head of DOK Industry of DOK Leipzig, Australia
Fan Wu - Programmer of Taiwan International Documentary Festival, Taiwan
Jane YU - Committee member of Asian Network of Documentary Fund, South Korea
Kenan Aliyev - Executive Editor of Currenttime TV, USA
Laetitia Schoofs - Commisioning Editor Buddhist Programming of KRO-NCRV, The Netherlands
Lisa Hasko - Manager, Documentary Programs and Fiscal Sponsorship of Film Independent, UK
Madeline Robert - Festival Programmer & Artistic Advisor of Visions du réel, Switzerland
Mandy Marahimin - Investment Analyst of Ideosource Entertainment, Indonesia
Mridu Chandra - Director of IF/Then, USA
Patrick Hurley - Head of Marketplace & Talent of Sheffield Doc/Fest, UK
Seokpil Kang - Managing Director of Docs Port Incheon, South Korea
Yen Ming Lai (Spencer) - Section Chief of Public Television Service Taiwan, Taiwan
Chloe Gbai - Shorts & Streaming Producer of American Documentary/POV, US
Justin Deimen - Group Managing Partner of Aurora Media Holdings Inc., Singapore
Ken-ichi Imamura - Executive Producer of International Programs/Production Headquarters of NHK Enterprises, Inc., Japan
Huang Weixian - Commissioning Editor of Mediacorp Pte Ltd, Singapore
Rika Shimba - Producer (World Documentary) of Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK), Japan
Susie Jones - Commissioning Editor, Documentaries of SBS, Australia
Christopher Smith - President of GO-STUDIO, Indonesia
Heidi Arbuckle - Program Officer of Ford Foundation, Indonesia
Matthew Jordan - Head of Production & Development of GO-STUDIO, Indonesia
Liselot Verbrugge - Partner of Dox Consulting, The Netherlands
Isabel Arrate Fernández - Managing Director of IDFA Bertha Fund, The Netherlands
Iikka Vehkalahti - Executive Producer of Rough Cut Service, Finland
Don Edkins - Producer of STEPS, South Africa
Michelle Greenberg-Kobrin - Professor and Director of The Indie Film Clinic at Cardozo Law School, US
Niels Pagh Andersen - Film Editor of Rough Cut Service, Denmark
Ulla Simonen - Producer of MADE, Finland
Karolina Lidin - Documentary Advisor, Executive Producer of Nordisk Film & TV Fond, Sheffield Doc/Fest, Denmark
Anne Fabini - Film Editor of Rough Cut Service, Germany
Jane Mote - Consultant Editor of The Whickers, UK
Andi Boediman - Managing Partner of Ideosource, Indonesia
Michy Gustavia - SVP Acquisition and Development of GO-JEK, Indonesia
John Badalu - Consultant Analyst of Visinema Content, Indonesia
Selected Projects
Movie Title
Film Maker
Pabelle Manikan
Wena Sanchez
The Philippines
Double Jeopardy
Phally Ngoeum
Chandara So
An Elegy To Forgetting
(Elehiya Sa Paglimot)
Kristoffer Brugada
Cha Escala
The Philippines
The Flame
Arfan Sabran
Ishak Iskandar
Go Ashore
Jinjin Mo
Gita Fara
Help Is on the Way?
Ismail Fahmi Lubish
Nick Calpakdjian
It Wasn't an Accident
Soe Moe Aung
Thu Thu Shein
The Love of Tapang Tree
Nova Goh
Ryan Ong
Inshallah Montero
Orlando De Guzman
Rica Concepcion
The Philippines
Maybe When We're Older
Alyssa Suico
Martika Escobar
The Philippines
Miss Universe in Jail
(BB Detainee)
Max Canlas
Josef Gacutan
The Philippines
Nchay Looking For Haven
(Nchay Mencari Suaka)
Andi Hutagalung
Andi Lubis
Never Been Kissed
(Chua Mot Lan Yeu)
Trang Dao
Hieu Tran
Don't Talk About Freedom
Gerry Apriryan
Maulana Aziz
Alvin Yunata
The Plastic Bag Journey
Gugun Junaedi
Lutfi Wahyudyanti
Untitled Project
Jayson Bernard Santos
Kristoffer Brugada
The Philippines
The Return To Co Co Island
(Co Co Kyun Thoe Apyan)
Yee Nan Thike
Sculpting the Giant
Rheza Arden Wiguna
Banu Wirandoko
Caesario Barkah
A War of Memories
(Kieokui Jeonjaeng)
Bora Lee-Kil
Sona Jo
South Korea/Vietnam
We Are Chinese, If You Please
(Suu Sugati)
Waraluck Hiransrettawat
Danaya Chulphuthiphong
Bullet-Laced Dreams
Cha Escala
Kristoffer Brugada
The Philippines
Dancing Queen
Watcharee Rattanakree
Abhichon Rattanabhayon
Diary of Cattle
David Darmadi
Lidia Afrilita
Arunaya Gondhowiardjo
Firman Widyasmara
Zaenal Abidin
How Far I'll Go
(Sejauh Kumelangkah)
Ucu Agustin
Dian Raisha
Juan Mayo
Under the Stars
(Sa Ilalim ng mga Tala)
Venice Atienza
Fanni Wu
The Philippines
The Other Half
(Golek Garwo)
Wahyu Utami Wati
Damar Ardi
The Songbirds of Aceh
Aminda Faradilla
Jean Chang
Swallows Trapped in Twilight
Komtouch Napattaloong
Nontawat Numbenchapol
Touch the Colour
Baby Ruth Villarama
Carlo Joel Gutierrez
The Philippines
No Time for Quiet
Samantha Dinning
Philippa Campey