Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right Blondie
Pabelle Manikan
Wena Sanchez
Production Status
Date of Completion
June 2019
90 minutes
Total Budget
USD 92,900
Financing In Place
USD 25,000
Requested Contribution
USD 50,000
Production Company
Hiraya Pictures
A mother who tries to leave her past, a daughter who tries to build her future, at the heart of Philippines’ Red Light District.

Angeles City, Philippines has been the hub of sex work in the Philippines for decades. Up to this day, it remains one of the top sex tourism destinations in the world. Behind the glitzy bars, there is a small district home to sex workers with children of different race. These half-Filipinos are the children left behind when the tourists went home after they fulfilled their fantasies of having a good time in an exotic land.

Here we meet Amy, a former sex worker, and Tisay (Blondie), Amy’s half-German teen daughter. Amy started dancing in the bars of Angeles when she was just 16, full of hope for a good future. However, nothing much changed since then. Today, twenty years later, she’s still the same Amy. She recently decided to leave the Red Light to have a fresh start. Her goal is to find a decent-paying job so she can be independent from her boyfriend and so she can show her children that she can still be a good mother.

Blondie is 18 years old and is entering adulthood quickly. Hers is a life to build in the following years, she will have to make decisions that are likely to change her life forever. She’s confused with what she wants but she’s very clear with what she doesn’t want: She doesn’t want to be like her mother.

But options are scarce, and the red light is bright and its lure is strong.