Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right Maybe When We're Older
Alyssa Suico
Martika Escobar
Production Status
Date of Completion
August 2020
60-80 minutes
Total Budget
USD 50,000
Financing In Place
USD 10,000
Requested Contribution
USD 40,000
Production Company
Maybe When We're Older
A documentary following a retired basketball player of the Philippine women’s national team discovers what friendship means 50 years since last seeing her teammates.

It’s been 50 years since the first Philippine women’s basketball team came together. Each member has now settled down, leading their own lives. Some are still in the Philippines, some in the United States, while others have long died. Unable to start a family of her own, former team member Lola Baby spends her remaining years at a run-down retirement home, alone. She discovers the internet through a cellphone given to her by her distant nephew, Juan.

Lola Baby reaches out to them one by one with the help of the filmmaker. She speaks to teammates Delia Squire and Mina Magno, both of whom are in the United States. Their access to one another allows them to find ways to set a phone reunion, and later on a quiet lunch in the Philippines. This prompts them to realize how short a time they have left and they decided to try and see each other more often.

As ideal as this all sounds, not every decision was made with ease. Lola Baby recalls the personalities of each of her teammates, which discouraged her from trying to bring the group back together. She worries that her practical means of living clashes with her idealistic wishes to bring back the good times of her youth.