Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right Nchay Looking For Haven
(Nchay Mencari Suaka)
Andi Hutagalung
Director, Producer
Andi Lubis
Production Status
In Production
Date of Completion
May 2019
70 minutes
Total Budget
USD 33,688
Financing In Place
USD 5,319
Requested Contribution
USD 28,369
Production Company
Media Identitas (Midfilms)
Nchay Looking For Haven
(Nchay Mencari Suaka)
Nchay is an independent naturalist who gathers information and documentation about wildlife every day.

Born and raised in Medan, Nchay has been studying, observing and documenting North Sumatra wildlife and nature since 2010. He collects data from the field and shares it with other individuals and institutions who are conducting conservation and study on wildlife. Nchay is also mapping multi-dimensional challenges of wildlife conservation and sustainability; from deforestation, change of land use, hunting and trade.

Nchay realized that conservation is not just one man’s responsibility, but it requires the participation of all parties from multidisciplinary backgrounds. Can he get other people involved in his efforts to conserve nature?