Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right Never Been Kissed
(Chua Mot Lan Yeu)
Trang Dao
Hieu Tran
Production Status
Date of Completion
November 2019
40 minutes
Total Budget
USD 71,900
Financing In Place
USD 3,400
Requested Contribution
USD 68,500
Production Company
DocLab Production
Never Been Kissed
(Chua Mot Lan Yeu)
A 28 year-old girl who has never known the taste of men goes from date to date to find her other half with her best friend-director before her days are expired.

At the first sight, Ly seems to lead an ideal life. She is good looking, open-minded, modern, born in an educated family, graduated from a top Vietnamese university, working for an international bank, having a great social life, plus her own house in the city. In other words, she has all those Vietnamese “female materials” that any man or mother-in-law would treasure.

Nonetheless, Ly has never even had her first kiss. As her friends get married one after another, she grows more anxious and insecure, and wonders what has gone wrong in her life. The pressure for marriage is high for girls who are above 25. At the age of 28, she knows that she cannot wait for her prince to drop by any longer. Together with one of her closest friends and the director of this film, Trang, Ly comes up with a plan to change her situation.

She starts to analyze her strengths and weaknesses, taking relationship quizzes, and finally planned a strategy to find her other half. The documentary records this journey. It is named after Ly’s favorite film, Never Been Kissed (1999).

By having a total makeover, therapy sessions, online dating, attending weddings, or even finding help from spiritual gurus to cut off those unfinished romantic business from her past lives, Ly is hoping that she can finally experience a serious relationship. She is determined for marriage, but will she find what she wants? Will what she finds make her happy and content?