Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right The Plastic Bag Journey
Gugun Junaedi
Lutfi Wahyudyanti
Producer, DIrector
Production Status
In Production
Date of Completion
December 2018
30-45 minutes
Total Budget
USD 20,500
Financing In Place
USD 3,500
Requested Contribution
USD 17,000
Production Company
Langkah Banyumili Sinema
The Plastic Bag Journey
An activist creates a machine that turns poly bag waste into fuel. He tries to convince people to use that machine by having a 1,200 km journey riding an old scooter fueled with it.

Dimas Bagus Wijanarko (43) is concerned about improper plastic waste management that creates environmental pollution. Since 2014, he tries to create a machine that is able to convert poly bag waste into fuel. After several failed attempts, he succeeded.

Now, he wants many people to use this machine to reduce their poly bag waste. Aided by an environmental community named Get Plastic, they create several workshops to introduce his invention along with a campaign on reducing plastic wastes.

To further spread this campaign, Dimas embarks on a 1,200 km journey from Jakarta to Bali on an old scooter with a fuel from the poly bag waste. Aided by a team of volunteers, they continue to arrange workshops and campaigns in several cities.