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Jayson Bernard Santos
Director, Producer
Kristoffer Brugada
Production Status
Development/Research, Start Production
Date of Completion
August 2019
75 minutes
Total Budget
USD 140,000
Financing In Place
USD 5,000
Requested Contribution
USD 30,000
Production Company
Lolo Boy Productions
Untitled Project
Young Filipinos are the most vulnerable to historical revisionism, aided by selective memory or unshielded ignorance. They were repeatedly told that “past is past” and to “forget, forgive and move on”. How do we restore the erased collective memory?

Despite several recorded abuses and the lack of a sincere apology from the Marcoses, the late dictator’s widow Imelda and children, Imee and former senator Ferdinand Marcos, Jr., continued to command a following and slowly regained some political power. Some Filipinos have the habit of forgetting past tragedies and preferring to move on, to the detriment of justice and failure to reexamine the past. In the current “Marcos-friendly” environment, there is a constant fear for the possible return of the Marcoses to the highest political positions. This documentary challenges the historical revisionism of the Marcos years.