Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right The Return To Co Co Island
(Co Co Kyun Thoe Apyan)
Yee Nan Thike
Director, Producer
Production Status
Start Production
Date of Completion
August 2019
90 minutes
Total Budget
USD 68,000
Financing In Place
USD 13,650
Requested Contribution
USD 54,350
Production Company
YNT Production
The Return To Co Co Island
(Co Co Kyun Thoe Apyan)
A group of old men returned to an island where they were secretly kept as political prisoners in 1960s to give the final salute to their 8 friends who died during the long hunger strike to ask for the cancellation of the island prison project.

Soon after the totalitarian regime took power in Myanmar in 1962, political opponents have been deported to Coco Island prison, which is situated in the Indian ocean over 300 kilometers away from Yangon, with the purpose of being left permanently there. They had to make several hunger strikes before the government closed down the prison. The final hunger strike lasted for 53 days.

U Myat Swe is a 76 years-old man, working as a part- time teacher in Yangon, and is still a political activist. U Myat Aung, 76 years-old, is a painter, sculptor from the outskirt of Yangon. U Kyi Nyunt, 75, is now a small business owner, running a traditional broom-making workshop. The three meet with other former political prisoners who survived the Coco island at their annual meeting ceremony.

After witnessing one of their colleagues` death, they discussed about the importance of telling their story to the younger generations. They travelled around the country and meet the families of 8 prisoners who died in the hunger strike, in order to ask the government to close down the prison island.

U Kyi Nyunt and some of his friends cannot go on the trip due to their health conditions. They respectively ask their friends who are going, to take some of their personal memento that they secretly kept on the island.
Finally, the other two, U Myat Swe and U Myat Aung, and some other friends, set out for the island in a 36 hour-long trip on ship. On the ship, they recount their old memories of the island. When they arrived there, they find the graveyards of their hero friends as well as their own past.