Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right A War of Memories
(Kieokui Jeonjaeng)
Bora Lee-Kil
Sona Jo
Production Status
Rough Cut Stage
Date of Completion
November 2018
90 minutes
Total Budget
USD 187,890
Financing In Place
USD 133,014
Requested Contribution
USD 54,876
Production Company
Whale Films
A War of Memories
(Kieokui Jeonjaeng)
“Should a granddaughter be responsible for what her grandfather has done? No, the granddaughter shouldn’t atone for it.”
This film is a story about two different memories on civilian massacre during the Vietnam War: memories of Korean soldier and Vietnamese victims.

In central Vietnam, there are people who still live with the memory of brutal massacres. Every February, villagers offer prayers and burn incense throughout the country in an attempt to help console the victims. They call this ceremony “Dai Han (Korean) Commemoration”. In the 1960s, South Korea fought in the Vietnam War as a US ally with the aim of rooting out communism. However, what they did was simple and cruel: they killed a large number of civilians. Living testimony from the survivors hasn’t been able to set history straight. Instead, the atrocities have been treated as if they never existed. Korea’s official historical record states that thanks to the Vietnam War, Korea was able to achieve rapid economic growth. This film documents these different accounts of the war now represent a new battle between conflicting memories.