Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right We Are Chinese, If You Please
(Suu Sugati)
Waraluck Hiransrettawat
Danaya Chulphuthiphong
Production Status
Rough Cut Stage
Date of Completion
February 2019
100 minutes
Total Budget
USD 142,000
Financing In Place
USD 29,600
Requested Contribution
USD 71,000
Production Company
Glom Glom Productions
We Are Chinese, If You Please
(Suu Sugati)
Aunt and niece clashing over beliefs of Theravada Buddhist ritual or Chinese custom for their Fujian ancestor. Three generations of the family resolve this conflict of how their ancestor should rest in peace by a vote for their own peace.

The Koh family reunite at the annual Qingming ceremony at their ancestors’ tombs in Bangkok only to discover the ancient Fujian cemetery is to be relocated out of the city centre. Three generations must decide on what do with their ancestors: to rebury or to cremate them?

A split emerges between those who want to embrace Thai traditions and Therevada Buddhism and those who want to preserve their Chinese roots. Over several years, this becomes an increasingly personal battle of ideas, of identity, and of belief between the two strongest personalities in the family: an Aunt and her niece. They are all one family: but are they Thai or Chinese, or both?

Reflecting this flux, not only must the family decide, but they also have to decide on how it will be decided: will seniority or democracy rule? This also speaks to who the family are. Can the Kohs find a joint peaceful resolution that allows everyone to both be themselves and respect their common ancestors?

Ultimately, this is the story of how every family writes its own story.