Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right Diary of Cattle
David Darmadi
Director, Producer
Lidia Afrilita
Director, Producer
Production Status
In Production
Date of Completion
December 2018
30 minutes
Total Budget
USD 8,989
Financing In Place
USD 490
Requested Contribution
USD 8,499
Production Company
Ingatan Visual
Diary of Cattle
This film is a tragic comedy about a 24-hour-life cycle of a herd of cows that have different life experiences, but share the same home at a landfill site.

From a small alley of an owner’s house there comes out more than 20 cows, including baby ones. Slowly with the guard of the owner, they walk pass the green landscape of a small sub-district in Eastern Padang. Full-loaded trucks come one by one toward the same destination as the cows -the landfill site. While the trucks are unloading rubbish collected from all over the city, these cows come approaching, ready to enjoy their breakfast. To the owners, letting their cattle to eat at landfill site makes their job easier in term of money and labor.

During the day, the cows make the landfill their home; they eat, sleep, socialize, and take shelter on the rubbish pile. Even baby cows feel quite homey as they were born here, and know no other places for food but here. They hang around here while having to keep themselves safe from excavator and bulldozer that run around the site. There have been some accidents when the cow got killed. In the afternoon, with a unique whistle, the owner calls the cattle to return home to their cramped barn.

On the other edge, some cows are a bit unlucky as they don’t have barn to return home to. These homeless cows have to spend the night at landfill because the owner lives far away from the site. They make their own shelter under the tree or scavengers’ hut while waiting for the next morning. All these rubbish-eater cows, with different life experience, share the same home at landfill site, and share the same destiny on the butcher’s knife, killed for human consumption.