Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right Diary of Cattle
David Darmadi
Director, Producer
Lidia Afrilita
Director, Producer
Production Status
In Production
Date of Completion
December 2018
30 minutes
Total Budget
USD 8,989
Financing In Place
USD 490
Requested Contribution
USD 8,499
Production Company
Ingatan Visual
Diary of Cattle
This film is a tragic comedy about the lives of three different cows who have different personalities but share the same home at a landfill site.

Have you ever wondered where your food comes from?

This film tells a story about cows that live and eat at a landfill site in Padang city. They eat all kinds of rubbish dumped by people all over the city. Economic reasons made the cattle owners to send their cattle to the landfill site. It is supposedly less costly and energy efficient. In Padang, cows are regarded as a very profitable investment. The owners wish to maximum benefit from their cows, while spending as minimum as possible for them.

These cows will eventually be sold to the market and end up in your meals. This film raises the issue of animal welfare and consumption hygiene. It follows 3 cows that represent different life experiences. The first cow had been missing for over a year. The second one had lost 2 babies in a row because of working with heavy equipments. The Third one is a homeless cow that spends day and night at landfill site, and is carrying a baby cow that is being geared for new life at rubbish tip.

This film creates strong and intimate visuals through a poetic observational approach to emulate how it feels like to be a cow.