Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right How Far I'll Go
(Sejauh Kumelangkah)
Ucu Agustin
Director, Producer
Dian Raisha
Co-Producer, Director of Photography
Juan Mayo
Production Status
Date of Completion
January 2019
24 minutes
Total Budget
USD 45,000
Financing In Place
USD 8,802
Requested Contribution
USD 36,198
Production Company
Gambar Bergerak
How Far I'll Go
(Sejauh Kumelangkah)
Two visually impaired teenage girls; Andrea (US) and Salsabila (Indonesia); challenge themselves to be independent.

It takes courage to grow up and to become who you really are! Two blind teenage girls are in a quest for their self-identities and to challenge themselves to be independent.

Andrea was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, but was brought to the United States when she was 5 years old. Her parents believe that the US is a better place for Andrea’s future. Now, eleven years later, Andrea grows up to be a confident teenage girl, but nevertheless she feels stuck. Despite the loving support of her family, living in the dark is not easy. She took it upon herself to participate in the LIFE (Living Independence, Feeling Empowered) summer camp program initiated by the Virginia Rehabilitation Center for the Blind and Vision Impaired (VRCBVI) to learn to live more independently and away from her family.

Salsabila, Andrea’s childhood friend of the same age, lives separately from her family in a dormitory in Jakarta in order to gain access to a regular, inclusive, school. There is a very limited number of schools that accept students with special needs, but she knows exactly that higher education will take her to a better future.
There is no choice for Salsabila but to be independent, since both her parents are blind and live separately, while her grandmother who took care of her since she was a child passed away. Living in a dormitory is not easy for her because of the overwhelming restricting rules and social pressures, not to mention the bullying because of her blindness.

They both strive to live as teenagers, still in the process of searching for their identities and better futures. But, how far can they grow as adults while facing challenges because of their condition?

This is a coming-of-age story about two blind teenage girls living in two different worlds. Through their friendship and stories, we can see how freedom of choice operates and how support system works in a society that includes people with special needs.