Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right Under the Stars
(Sa Ilalim ng mga Tala)
Venice Atienza
Fanni Wu
Production Status
In Production
Date of Completion
April 2019
30 minutes
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Financing In Place
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Venice Atienza
Under the Stars
(Sa Ilalim ng mga Tala)
The grandest phenomena of life intersect in the universe of twelve year old boy who is finding his
way in this world beneath the stars.

Reyboy has lived in Karihatag all his life. Growing up in an isolated fishing village that is bordered by the mountains and a river that opens to the sea, all he knows of life, he has learned by living between the earth and the ocean. There is a time of warmth and plenty in the summer as the tuna season is ushered in by the calm waters of summer nights. However once the monsoon arrives, the waters that once provided for the town becomes a fearsome tempest taking away the lives of unknowing fishermen who are out at sea. As the seasons change in the ocean, so it does for Reyboy as at the end of this summer, he will move to the city to study as there is no high school in Karihatag.

As we spend time with Reyboy in the last days before his departure, we see how living so close to nature makes him young and old at the same time. And how the greatest phenomena of the universe; a first pimple, the changing of the environment, the joys of youth, unspoken desires and dreams for oneself and one’s family, and the pain of loss, find an intersection in the life of a twelve year old boy.