Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right Swallows Trapped in Twilight
Komtouch Napattaloong
Director, Producer
Nontawat Numbenchapol
Production Status
Rough Cut Stage
Date of Completion
March 2019
25 Minutes
Total Budget
USD 30,000
Financing In Place
USD 2,000
Requested Contribution
USD 28,000
Production Company
Swallows Trapped in Twilight
A Sudanese refugee family, waiting in Thailand to resettle to North America, meets a Thai filmmaker after his return from the US. Through their past and present, the family and the filmmaker together reflect on their search for a home.

Somewhere in urban Thailand, the Ibrahims, a Sudanese refugee family, patiently wait for their resettlement in a small apartment. The children play with their ball, their neighbors and a small action-cam as their parents cook and clean.

Aswera, the mother and the filmmaker visit the family’s old apartments and various places they’ve been in Thailand. They converse about why they moved from Sudan to Thailand and their settling in Thailand as well as the filmmaker’s own moving from Thailand to North America and back to Thailand again.

At home, Aswera receives a phone call from a UNHCR Arabic interpreter. She learns that the Canadian embassy has accepted their case, but to her disappointment, the interpreter informs her that they are still a long way from resettlement.

Back in their room, the family prepares to speak to the filmmaker and his camera, ready to tell the whole world their story. Unfortunately their young boy misbehaves and as punishment, the mother takes away the children’s action-cam. In her hands, the camera presents images and portraits of a warm family as well as their hopes and dreams for their future.

Before the night ends, the Ibrahim family huddle together and listen to their father, HASIM, telling a bedtime story. He tells the story of three clever children seeking the help of a wizard to magically take them to a new land.

The filmmaker is reminded of his own coming-and-goings and voices a letter to the family before their eventual departure from Thailand.