Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right No Time for Quiet
Samantha Dinning
Director, Producer
Philippa Campey
Production Status
Date of Completion
March 2019
4 x 30 Minutes Series
Total Budget
USD 240,000
Financing In Place
USD 8,800
Requested Contribution
USD 231,200
Production Company
Film Camp
No Time for Quiet
Struggling to establish a sense of belonging and identity, a group of teenagers find their voice through a unique Rock ’n’ Roll community.

In January 2017, forty girls and gender non-conforming youth aged between 11 and 17 converge on The Wick Studios in Brunswick for the inaugural week-long Girls Rock! Melbourne Camp. Greeting them are a myriad of enthusiastic volunteers—local female rock legends, punk-ed up teachers, students and youth workers—all keen to empower the young female, trans and gender diverse participants through Rock ’n’ Roll.

The formula is simple—over the course of a week-long non-residential camp, each participant learns an instrument of their choice, is assigned a band, collaborates, writes a song and performs it in front of family and friends at a Rock ’n’ Roll showcase that balks at convention and challenges normalised ideas about what it means to be young and female. In addition, they are taught self-defence, learn how to plug in their own instruments, let loose in screaming workshops and are mentored by some of the industry’s punk-ass best.

Melbourne’s first Girls Rock! camp is a week of creativity and empowerment. Participants are given invaluable mentorship from musicians Courtney Barnett and Camp Cope, local punk legends Cable Ties, Australian-Sikh Slam Poet Sukjhit Khalsa, indigenous rapper and street poet Lady Lash, traditional Japanese guitarist Noriko and a host of dedicated volunteers.

The series follows a number of participants over the course of the week and 18 months post-camp as they struggle to find their sense of identity and belonging. As the songs and bands progress the important aims behind this unique community become increasingly apparent. For female, gender diverse and trans youth, this is clearly No Time for Quiet.