Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right 1 Man, 33 Children
Ika Wulandari
Director, Producer
Production Status
In Production
Date of Completion
September 2019
30 minutes
Total Budget
Financing In Place
Requested Contribution
Production Company
1 Man, 33 Children
Storytelling Lab

A man juggles his love between his own family and the 33 HIV positive foster children he fosters in an isolated place hidden away from the bustling city.

Puger (43) doesn’t want to lose another foster child to HIV but at the same time, there’s nothing he can do except give the surviving 33 the best childhood possible. He makes sure that they have the best healthcare and education and even play time. He spends most of his time helping these children and goes home only to sleep and take fresh clothes.

He even takes his own son, Ata (9) to spend his school holiday with the foster children so that he can still tend to both families at the same time. In the brief moments at home with his own family, he tries to catch up with his own family but they seem distant to him.

His wife Dewi (40) understands his commitment to the orphans but there are times when she needs her husband to be there for them. On the other hand, Puger is burdened by the many issues related to his foster children such as the poor healthcare system and the discrimination, which has isolated the children. Everything gets more intense when 13 of them are expelled from their school.

Puger is put in a difficult situation; to be a good father in his own family while still providing the love needed by the outcast orphans he fosters. This film wants to discover the inner motivations of Puger which makes him strong enough to bear these double roles that appear to be conflicting with one another.