Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right The Ant and the Elephant
Linda Nursanti
Mada Ariya Putra
Production Status
In Production
Date of Completion
September 2020
60 minutes
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The Ant and the Elephant
Storytelling Lab

A mother fights against a waste-recycling plant from polluting her village.

In the past 8 years, Lakardowo’s people have been struggling to find justice. They have been unable to disassemble the pile of B3’s waste under waste processing company, PT. Putra Restu Ibu Abadi. Now, the pollution caused by the company in Lakardowo village is getting worse. Natural resources, the source of the villagers’ lives are more polluted by heavy metal. Water quality is very poor, while many villagers are contracted with bad skin rashes. The judicial process is their battleground.

As a farmer, wife, and mother, Sutamah is not familiar with the law, but it’s not a barrier for her to file a lawsuit against the well-resourced company. She is ready to face any risk that this battle will entail. Who will win? The ant or the elephant?