Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right Bullet-Laced Dreams
Kristoffer Brugada
Director, Producer
Charena Escala
Director, Producer
Production Status
Rough Cut
Date of Completion
June 2019
25 minutes
Total Budget
Financing In Place
Requested Contribution
Production Company
Brigade Productions/Hiraya Pictures
Bullet-Laced Dreams
Editing Lab

Indigenous tribal children fight for their right to education as the Philippine government militarizes their schools.

Bullet-Laced Dreams follows the Lumad children as they escape from militarization due to the armed conflict between the government and communist rebels. Rising tensions pushed these kids to transfer from place to place just to continue their schooling. The conflicts separated 14-year old Chricelyn Empong from her family, but she vows to fight for her right. In the evacuation site, Chricelyn and her classmates continue studying and protest for the end of martial law so they could go to back to their homeland. She says the only way to regain their way of life is to defend their right to education.