Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right Catharina in a Country of Choirs
Patar Simatupang
Director, Producer
Iwan Setiawan
Production Status
Rough Cut
Date of Completion
August 2019
81 minutes
Total Budget
Financing In Place
Requested Contribution
Production Company
True Colours Indonesia
Catharina in a Country of Choirs
Editing Lab

Indonesia’s mezzo-soprano Catharina, 82, continues performing as she has this huge power laid under the ocean creating waves, no end, influences generation to generation.

Under that beauty in trained voices, under that soft yet strong waves of the ocean, and underneath that seemingly weak chest; meaningful messages and thoughts are ready to explode in songs. Behind all of those, is, Catharina Leimena who has influenced everyone. Until today at the age of 82, she still performs, coaches and judges almost all famous choirs and pop singers in Indonesia.

The story starts at family dinner with her children when her only son, Otto, 51 years, comes up with a careful request, “Mom, you may want to stop.”