Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right Dream Land
Shin Daewe
Thu Thu Shein
Production Status
Date of Completion
December 2019
40 minutes
Total Budget
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Production Company
Third Floorfilm Production
Dream Land
Editing Lab

Searching the ruby in the dreamland.

Have you ever been to
a land of mineworkers?
Those from all over Myanmar carrying hope under the horizon,
come to mogok (or) Ruby Land
in order to dig up Rubies.
Dreamers, they are.
From their conjectures,
when “Byone” cannot be found
out of the blue, being bitterly cold like
in the deep down to the netherworld
from a hundred feet to
nine hundred or a thousand feet
they keep going down into
the giant mines like bandicoot rats.
“Byone” literally means “alluvium” from which rubies can be extracted after washing and cutting them.
Some dig up on the ground;
some dig up under the ground
by means of generators and equipments.

For daily incomes, the poor mineworkers,
who cannot make much investment,
search tiny little gemstones
under the alluvium sources,
washed and thrown away by big companies.

They believe this saying:
“In order to get a good ruby,
a mineworker has to be faithful and
If he does so,
May be not now.
One day,
he can be a “Paw Lan” at one point.
“Paw Lan”, what they call is “Bossi”, means “a rich boss”.

Is this due to the curse of resources?
When avaricious businessmen and
materialistic companies
emerge and dig up the rubies
by utilizing cranes,
just like an irredeemable one,
a mountain becomes bald-headed
and desolate
all of a sudden.

“Mountains cease to exist,
The natives are displeased
and express their wishes by saying
“Protect the natural of Mogok Land”.

“Mogok” doesn’t prefer to have
cranes and materialistic businessmen.
On the other hand,
it just prefers to have
traditional mineworkers
in order not to destroy
the environment.
In addition,
There is a saying;
“A Mogok native
never works under someone”.
Hence, “if the forefathers buried
Rubies, then they must certainly be found”.
In groups, just make a move
into the jungle.
Search “Byones”
Dig up “Rubies”.

Rich people become richer and richer.
For us,
while we are floating
in the stream of our dreams,
the decades have come across
our bodies.