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Ismail Fahmi Lubis
Nick Calpakdjian
Production Status
Date of Completion
June 2019
80 minutes
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Production Company
Two Islands Digital
Help is on the Way
Editing Lab

Busy nanny schools in Indramayu, West Java, are preparing hundreds of women each year for life as domestic workers abroad.

Choosing to leave your family behind to work overseas for many years, is a difficult decision to make. But for 1000’s of women in rural Indonesia, there are few alternatives.

Help Is On The Way brings to the screen two busy nanny schools in West Java that prepare women to work overseas as domestic workers.

Every year, women like Sukma, Merry, Wariatun, Muji, and Tari are recruited by agents who are remunerated after successfully seeing their recruits enrolled.

They are among the many women from rural areas aspiring to work in countries like Taiwan. The training centers prepare them to work as caregivers, learning language skills and elderly care, while completing their paperwork and waiting for placement. There are many reasons for the women to work abroad; to support their family, escape their family, or experience a sense of independence. Negotiations with family are carefully handled, as they are not always happy to see their loved ones leave, whilst other families are. While the women bring income that can alleviate their family poverty, are they really improving their lives? And at what cost?

Help Is On The Way focuses on the lives of 5 women as they deal with family pressures, pregnancy, deceiving agents, marriage proposals and community expectations on their way to 3.5 years of employment in Taiwan. It’s at times an emotional journey, but also funny, enlightening, surprising and a little competitive, offering a unique insight into a lifestyle not often seen on screen.