Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right My Big Sumba Family
Tonny Trimarsanto
Mandy Marahimin
John Badalu
Production Status
Date of Completion
December 2019
90 minutes
Total Budget
Financing In Place
Requested Contribution
Production Company
Tanakhir Films
My Big Sumba Family
Creative Producing Lab

Adi is the only son out of a patriarch with 12 wives and 52 children who graduate from university. Will Adi succeed in making a life of his own?

This film tells the story of Adi and Martha. Adi is a law student in Malang, in Java island, while Martha is working in a pharmacy in Bali. But both are from different villages in Sumba island.

After a few months of courtship, they got married, and only then Martha realizes the grave situation she is in. Adi's father has 12 wives, 52 children, and 220 grandchildren and counting, although they are Christian. Martha has to live with this family all by herself, while Adi returns back to his study in Malang.

Adi has a dream. He wants to realize his father's wish to graduate from university. Out of 52 children in the family, none manage to graduate from university. Adi's brothers and sisters always returned after only a while, saying they miss their horses, they miss their parents or their pigs. One of them, Adi's younger brother, Beny, likes to get drunk, and dance, and beat his wife and child.

Adi graduated last year. When he graduated, he has a choice: to go back to the village, and render his law degree useless, or go to Jakarta, to find a better life for him and his wife. In the end, Adi decided to go back to the village.

We will end the film with scenes from Adi in the village, being like his father. He sleeps all day, and do nothing to help his wife or family. Martha is the one who has to provide for the family by making woven cloths and sell them at the market. And we don’t know yet whether Adi will take a second wife.

About the Participant Producer
Mandy Marahimin

Mandy Marahimin joined Miles Films as a film publicist, and then as a line producer, and then as a producer.

In 2006 she started producing on her own and now has more than 10 films under her belt.

In 2013 she established her own production company called Tanakhir Films, producing feature films, documentaries, shorts, and web series.