Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right The Red Books in Grandpa's Library
Julian Miguel Hernandez
Alyssa Suico
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December 2020
90 minutes
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The Red Books in Grandpa's Library
Creative Producing Lab

The grandson of two prominent leftist activists ventures forth on a personal journey to understand a side of his grandparents that has always been a mystery to him.

Miguel had always been aware of his grandparents’ activist background but only peripherally. His grandfather is one of the Philippines' leading Marxist scholars. His grandmother is a pioneer of the Philippine feminist movement. To some people, they are known as the Mother and Father of the socialist movement in the country.

Miguel would be around his grandparents often, but he never really thought much of these things. To him, they were just "Grandpa" and "Lola".

Four years ago, his grandfather fell victim to a near-fatal illness. This motivated him to finally get to know his grandparents; however, this does not come easy.

He confronts his grandparents about why they do not expose him to their movement. This leads him down a road with more questions than before. He struggles to reconcile how they can be so passionate about their ideologies yet be able to receive gifts from shady politicians.

"If Lola is a feminist, how could they be close friends with former President Joseph Estrada, a known womanizer? If Grandpa believed that Advertising is a capitalist’s tool, how could they be proud of me when I tell them that I landed a gig shooting a commercial for Philippine Airlines?"

Whether or not their relationship will remain the same, Miguel will come out of this experience knowing more about himself than before.

About the Participating Producer
Alyssa Suico

Alyssa Suico is a freelance filmmaker from the Philippines. She worked for both mainstream film and television after graduating from university.

She shot and produced documentaries for groups such as Oxfam sa Pilipinas, European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid Department’s Disaster Preparedness Program, National Historical Commission of the Philippines, and CNN Philippines under Ninjadog Studios Inc.

Currently, she is the Public Engagement director of Active Vista Center, the learning center of DAKILA - Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism. She assists in organizing the Active Vista Human Rights Film Festival.