Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right Waste on My Plate
David Darmadi
Director, Producer
Lidia Afrilita
Director, Producer
Production Status
Date of Completion
December 2020
50 minutes
Total Budget
Financing In Place
Requested Contribution
Production Company
Ingatan Visual
Waste on My Plate
Storytelling Lab
Creative Producing Lab

This film tells a story about the journey of plastic waste as they are used by us, where they eventually end up, and how it affects our day-to-day life.

Indonesia is second only to China in terms of contributing to plastic waste in the world. We use plastic on every occasion and in every form. Plastic distributor shops are never unbusy because we always need plastic, mostly as packages for domestic or business purposes. Waste on My Plate tells a story about the journey of plastic waste as they are used by us, where they eventually end up, and how it affects our daily life.

We tend to think when we finish using them, we discard them, then garbage man will come and transport the plastic waste to the landfill. We think once they reach the landfill, the problem is solved. Rarely do we think what will happen to the landfill if we keep trashing and send more and more rubbish there.

Once reach the landfill, our waste, including plastic waste, get a new life. In several cities in Indonesia, the landfill is not only occupied by scavengers but also animals such as cows. The owner of the cows sends them to the landfill to graze food scrapes amongst other waste, including plastic. These cows eat everything they find at the landfill. One owner said his cow once ate the plastic bag, metal nail, coin, even syringe. It is not rare to find cows gnawing plastic bags, trying to find food scraps, then swallow them.

In the end, these cows are sold to the market for human consumption, cooked delicately into various culinary that we favor very much. The question is: have we ever wondered whether the food we eat contains even a small fraction of waste that we throw away? If so, doesn’t that mean what we throw away eventually will come back to us?

About the Participating Producer
Lidia Afrilita

Lidia Afrilita has a background in linguistics and education. She currently runs a learning center in a rural area in Jambi, and helps manage Ingatan Visual project.

Her first documentary, Padang In Carnival has screened at several local film festivals in Indonesia, and at Umakart Gallery in the Czech Republic in 2010.

Her project Diary of Cattle won Tribeca Film Institute Grant and Distribution at Docs By The Sea 2018. This short film was screened at Visions du Reel, Switzerland.

She was granted a sponsorship to attend the Sheffield Film Festival 2018 by the British Council in June 2018.