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Ngoc Le
Quang Nong
Thu Le
Assistant Director
Production Status
Date of Completion
May 2021
Participating Lab
Story Lab Development
After failed attempts to quit drugs, My – a crystal meth addict – seeks help from a Christian rehab center. Will this unorthodox treatment help her get her life back?
Production Company
Voo Pictures
My troubled her family when she started using crystal meth at the age of 17. To treat her drug addiction, her father sent her to a psychotherapy center, but he was startled by the center’s reliance on sedatives in treatment. He sought alternative methods, and learned about a pastoral rehab program. Though they are not people of faith, My’s father signed her up for a Christian rehab center out of desperation.

There are two houses in the center: the one for men is called Aquila, and the one for women is called Naomi. Naomi has much poorer living condition compared to Aquila, and houses 20 women from the age of 15 to 40 – sex workers, drug addicts, and the mentally unstable. Together with her attendants, My begins her journey to recover not only from drug addiction, but also to heal from what caused them to turn to drugs in the first place.