Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right Hi Boy
Rahmi Rizqi Murti
Wini Angraeni
Production Status
Date of Completion
December 2020
Participating Lab
Story Development Lab
A mother of two former rebels mourns the death of a daughter who was murdered and mutilated. Scared and uncertain, she yearns for her other daughter who remains in hiding.
Production Company
Sedap Films
Hi Boy
Hiroki, a chubby 14-year-old, attends a private school in Kuta, Bali. He has (mostly female) friends, but he is often ridiculed for his body.

School attendance is mandatory, but at the detriment of Hiroki’s self-expression. Hiroki feels left out by many of his male classmates. During gym class, they don’t invite Hiroki to play basketball or soccer with them, and ignore Hiroki when he asks to join. Hiroki usually laughs it off, but his classmates’ jokes have a negative impact on his body image.

At home, Hiroki listens to K-pop music, particularly the boy band BTS. Hiroki feels positive energy through the lyrics of this group’s songs, whose translations he watches through YouTube.

Some of Hiroki’s female friends at school are also K-pop music fans. Hiroki attends K-pop events and mingles with fanboys and fangirls from various fandoms in Bali. Lost in his joy, he for a moment forgets the ridicule he endured at school. Hiroki finally finds his circle.