Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right Homebound
Ismail Lubis
Nick Calpakdjian
Production Status
Date of Completion
August 2021
Participating Lab
Story Development Lab
Leaving your family to work overseas for many years is difficult. But returning home is sometimes an even bigger challenge.
Production Company
Two Islands Digital
Indonesian domestic worker and single mother, Tari, is returning home to Central Java in 2020 following 6 years working abroad at a nursing home in Taiwan. Like many Indonesian migrant workers, Tari left Indonesia for a better life. As a teenager, she fell pregnant and married, but her husband left her for another woman. Her own mother blames her for the death of her father. Tari left Indonesia seeking to earn a better income than was possible locally, and wanted to prove to her late father that she could become independent, educated and responsible for her family.

In her time in Taiwan, Tari has changed her circumstances. She worked in a private nursing home with better wages and conditions than most. She studied at university and became a published author. Her son graduated from senior high school. She has used her opportunity to improve her life.

In August 2020 Tari will return home to Semarang, Central Java. But Tari is confused about her future. She questions whether she can put her newly acquired resources to work. Coming from a conservative Muslim family, she struggles with how she will relate to her mother after being exposed to a lifestlye she feels has set her free. Tari symbolises the dream for many domestic workers, and HOMEBOUND explores what happens when this dream meets the reality of life in Indonesia.