Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right How to Sell Piety /
Yovista Ahtajida
Production Status
Start Production
Date of Completion
December 2020
Participating Lab
Story Development Lab
An artist tries to make successful Islamic worship music and become an Islamic rockstar as he breaks down the relationship of the pop culture industry and Indonesian mass piety.
Production Company
Agitator Studio
How to Sell Piety /
HOW TO SELL PIETY documents the making of a multimedia experimental art project by Yovista Ahtajda, an artist who often uses Islam and Capitalist relations as themes in his art. Yovista responds to the pattern of media and entertainment industries manufacturing Islamic values by creating himself as a commodity: a "viral" singer and songwriter of Islamic worship music. He consults various experts with backgrounds in music, advertising, and history to search for a formula to sell hit music, and also piety, to the masses. Based on his research and findings, he experiments with his music, with hopes of chart topping sales.

Shot in the style of a YouTube tutorial, this film criticizes the media's banality in selling Islam, while questioning the limits of the established documentary film form.