Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right Looking for haven / Mencari Suaka
Andi Hutagalung
Director & Producer
Tedy Wahyudy Pasaribu
Producer & Writer
Production Status
In Production
Date of Completion
June 2021
Participating Lab
Story Development Lab
Worried about the extinction of shorebirds along Sumatra's east coast, Nchay, a researcher, devotes his energy to protecting the birds and their ecosystem.
Production Company
Looking for haven / Mencari Suaka
Chairunas Adha Putra (Nchay) has conducted water bird research for eleven years, along the eastern coastal side of Sumatra Island. Many species of water birds in the region have become endangered due to deforestation and hunting, and Nchay's mission is to create an awareness campaign of the birds' plight and bring public attention, along with support from government and international organizations. One day, when Nchay is on a research trip, he finds an uninhabited mangrove island which is a breeding island for milky storks - an endangered water bird species with only 1600 left on the planet. Unfortunately, the island still has no laws of environmental protection, so the mangrove island is prone to development. The local people see the island's development as progress, but Nchay, on his crusade to save these rare birds, faces his hardest obstacle yet.