Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right Marawi
Cha Escala
Shirin Bhandari
Matt Baguinon
Production Status
In Production
Date of Completion
June 2021
Participating Lab
Story Development Lab
Three years after the 2017 siege, the people of Marawi struggle to return to their homes. They face the government’s backhoes contracted to demolish the remnants of their ancestral land.
Production Company
Pitik Studios
MARAWI follows the life of Bae Anisah Guro, a school district supervisor from an affluent Muslim clan who deals with the repercussions of war. She is well-respected in her community- her inherited royal title, "bae", resolves domestic disputes faced by Muslim women. Anisah holds jurisdiction over a temporary learning center that provides an education to children displaced by the siege.

It has been three years since the battle between Islamic extremists and military forces ended. The people of Marawi continue to strive for a sense of normalcy. Rehabilitation by the government has been slow and plagued with corruption and mismanagement. The Maranao have not been permitted to return to their homes. Anisah’s ancestral property was demolished without her consent. The Philippine government has plans to set up military camps and commercialize the city, marketing it as the next tourist spot of the south. The only movement inside Ground Zero are men perched in bright yellow bulldozers, methodically flattening sections of land. Devastated, Anisah looks back at her existence before the war and the different people intertwined into her life- a student, a weaver, and a nearby neighbor. They all share the same sentiments on trauma, displacement, and loss.

Anisah is uncertain if the city will return to the way it was but is determined to regain the land that is lawfully hers.