Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right QUẩY
Hien Anh Nguyen
Thuy Anh Nguyen Diep
Tao Do
Production Status
Rough Cut
Date of Completion
June 2021
Participating Lab
Story Development Lab
Mrs. Tinh, a woman in her 50s, tries to maintain a peaceful life; The life of Quẩy- a humble side dish of Vietnam; And the story about our ever-transforming food culture. QUAY depicts the impacts of urbanization on daily life in Vietnam, and the perspectives of Vietnamese people about themselves as well as their cultural framework.
Production Company
Urbanization in big cities, especially the capital city, has been one of the crucial aspects of a nation’s sustainable development. Hanoi is no exception. The new phase of the city might benefit the nation's "big picture", but individuals may not keep up. Cultural traditions in Hanoi's Old Quarter (the very center of the city) are being overwhelmed by rapid urbanization, and the traditions that do not seem to match with this fast paced "progress", are being replaced.

QUAY follows Mrs. Tinh’ s family, through their daily routine and their interactions with each other, and her family business: selling the traditional side dish quay. Through conflicts in the family and their family business, the film presents multiple perspectives of people from different generations in response to the changes of the city. QUAY represents another angle on urbanization: a more personal and emotional portrayal of the social-cultural crash between the new and the old during the urbanization process, and the question about the future of Hanoi’s tradition.