Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right Rabiah and Mimi
Arfan Sabran
Nick Calpakdjian
Production Status
In Production
Date of Completion
April 2021
Participating Lab
Story Development Lab
Rabiah and Mimi, mother and daughter, dedicate their lives to the challenging pursuit of providing adequate health care in Indonesia’s remote islands of the Flores Sea.
Production Company
Two Islands Digital
Rabiah and Mimi
Indonesia is one of the largest archipelago states in the world, consisting of 18,000 islands. Providing adequate medical care across the nation has proved extremely challenging for successive governments. An out of sight, out of mind approach has failed her people. This film is about the challenges faced by Mimi and her mother Rabiah, remote island nurses working in the Flores Sea.

Mimi is a mother of two who until recently had left her first child at school in the city, and together with her youngest child worked on the remote islands. Her husband Hasri also willingly separates from his family to pursue his calling and work the remote islands. Family reunions are rare. For the last few years, Mimi's mother Rabiah has accompanied her as a mentor, revealing stories, anecdotes and handing out advice from her 30 years at sea.

Now, as Rabiah readies for retirement and prepares to pass the baton to her daughter, she finds herself once more on the Island of Sanane in a caretaker role, while Mimi gives birth to her 3rd child. Mimi will return to work when her baby is 3 months old, right in the middle of the COVID crisis sweeping the world and into a local political storm as the island's residents demand better health care through the village head.