Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right A Sonorous Melody / Senandung Senyap
Riani Singgih
Annisa Adjam
Muhammad Ismail
Production Status
In Production
Date of Completion
February 2021
Participating Lab
Story Development Lab
A Wayang-maker and a sign language singer take us on their journey as deaf artists using creative mediums to break the boundaries of traditional storytelling in a marginalized world.
Production Company
Elephant in the room
A Sonorous Melody / Senandung Senyap
Mufi and Ayu are artists utilizing two different mediums: Mufi is a sign language singer and Ayu creates paintings and Indonesian Wayang Sodo, a traditional puppet show made of coconuts. Despite these differences, they share a similarity in their ambition — self-empowerment through art and stories.

Deaf individuals in Indonesia face limitations in access to public discussion and spaces, including the art community. Living in the capital city, Mufi finds it difficult to be included. Despite her success in collaborating with big named artists, she still struggles to perform center stage. Subsequently, after the death of her father who was one of her biggest supporters, she now has to find the strength to move forward. Nonetheless, Mufi continues to thrive in advocating and promoting a movement to empower creativity for the deaf, starting with the music scene, as she prepares to perform in the biggest music festival in Indonesia.

Ayu, who lives in a rural area, faces a different challenge. Inaccessibility to access education due to economical challenges forced Ayu to quit school in third grade. Subsequently, she was unable to learn to communicate through sign language and is not proficient at reading and writing. She currently relies heavily on her mother to communicate to the outside world, and mentors to gain the inspiration behind her artwork. Her challenge now is to find her own voice which will be shown through her process in creating her own expressive artwork.

A SONOROUS MELODY combines veritae with surrealistic scenes of each artist’s visual expression of their work to follow the characters in their journey to empowerment by obtaining confidence in others and themselves.