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Ohm Phanphiroj
Director & Producer
Production Status
Date of Completion
October 2021
Participating Lab
Story Development Lab
UNDERAGE is a social documentary project about underage male prostitutes in Southeast Asia. The film reveals the complex issues of poverty, corruption, exploitation against minors, and governments' passive stance to transgression.
Production Company
Boys turn to underage prostitution in Thailand for several reasons. These include being molested by family members and/or relatives, poverty, being a runaway, and drug addiction. Psychologically, UNDERAGE offers provocative and haunting portraits of the souls lost to such circumstances. The visceral visuals represent the ugly mess that is the manifestation of deep-rooted problems concerning family, society, and teenage years in Thailand. The personal data of each subject is included to offer an insight or a peek into their lives and their respective journeys to the opposite sides of normality, tradition, and visibility.

UNDERAGE has universal humanistic significance and social implications, which will travel across all cultures, classes, and boundaries. The film will ultimately facilitate mutual understandings about the danger of sexual exploitation and mistreatment against our children, with the larger aim of contributing to future change and reformation.

I hope to help spin the wheel of justice for the underprivileged and subculture socially, philosophically, and pedagogically; and to open up a dialog about life, choice, and consequences. Most importantly, it is my wish that UNDERAGEE will help motivate and change life in a powerful and meaningful way so that there will be no underaged sex workers roaming the street at night trying to make ends meet and risking their lives under the shadow of the night.