Selected Projects
A War of Memories
(Kieokui Jeonjaeng)
Bora Lee-Kil (South Korea/Vietnam)
An Elegy To Forgetting
(Elehiya Sa Paglimot)
Kristoffer Brugada (The Philippines)
Pabelle Manikan (The Philippines)
Bullet-Laced Dreams
Cha Escala (The Philippines)
Dancing Queen
Watcharee Rattanakree (Thailand)
Diary of Cattle
David Darmadi (Indonesia)
Don't Talk About Freedom
Gerry Apriryan (Indonesia)
Double Jeopardy
Phally Ngoeum (Cambodia/USA)
Go Ashore
Jinjin Mo (China/Indonesia)
Help Is on the Way?
Ismail Fahmi Lubish (Indonesia)
Arunaya Gondhowiardjo (Indonesia)
How Far I'll Go
(Sejauh Kumelangkah)
Ucu Agustin (Indonesia/USA)
It Wasn't an Accident
Soe Moe Aung (Myanmar)
Inshallah Montero (The Philippines)
Maybe When We're Older
Alyssa Suico (The Philippines)
Miss Universe in Jail
(BB Detainee)
Max Canlas (The Philippines)
Nchay Looking For Haven
(Nchay Mencari Suaka)
Andi Hutagalung (Indonesia)
Never Been Kissed
(Chua Mot Lan Yeu)
Trang Dao (Vietnam)
No Time for Quiet
Samantha Dinning (Australia)
Sculpting the Giant
Rheza Arden Wiguna (Indonesia)
Swallows Trapped in Twilight
Komtouch Napattaloong (Thailand)
The Flame
Arfan Sabran (Indonesia)
The Love of Tapang Tree
Nova Goh (Malaysia)
The Other Half
(Golek Garwo)
Wahyu Utami Wati (Indonesia)
The Plastic Bag Journey
Gugun Junaedi (Indonesia)
The Return To Co Co Island
(Co Co Kyun Thoe Apyan)
Yee Nan Thike (Myanmar)
The Songbirds of Aceh
Aminda Faradilla (Malaysia/Indonesia)
Touch the Colour
Baby Ruth Villarama (The Philippines)
Under the Stars
(Sa Ilalim ng mga Tala)
Venice Atienza (The Philippines)
Untitled Project
Jayson Bernard Santos (The Philippines)
We Are Chinese, If You Please
(Suu Sugati)
Waraluck Hiransrettawat (Thailand)