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Min Min Hein
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Defining filmmaker’s childhood memories through significant places and buildings of his hometown.
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BurmaCat Films
A Memoir
1987 in Taungoo, small town of Myanmar, Min Min Hein was born to a Muslim mother and a Buddhist father who was in the police force. In his early age, Min naturally learns about the role of race, religion and politics. The most challenging part is growing up being confused upon his existence and his identity.
For Min, places and buildings in his hometown carry his personal history. They are the living proofs which intimately witness his existence. These places open up chapters of his ordinary childhood as well as the confusion he felt for being born and raised under multiracial and multi-religious doctrines. These places remind him of the fear which grows inside his head, and the freedom he was not able to interpret.
After leaving his hometown for fourteen years, Min goes back to his hometown to confront the confusion he had. He visits back to the places and buildings: the hospital he was born in, houses he resided, schools, his father duty stations (police forces), mosques and pagodas. He meets his childhood friends as well as people who are residing or related to those places at the moment. Those places, buildings and people reveal the look of his childhood.
A memoir brings back memories and identity of the filmmaker; a young man born in the late eighties and raised under military dictatorship in Myanmar. The visits to the places and buildings surface his personal interpretation on political, racial, gender and religious norms in Myanmar.