Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right Baby Jackfruit Baby Guava
Quang Nong
Trang Dao
Leland Evans
Assistant Director
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Storytelling Lab
A conservative mother, schizophrenic daughter and gay son recounts the intertwinement and divergence of their lives as they welcome a newborn baby to the family.
Production Company
Flaneur Film, Hanoi Doclab
Baby Jackfruit Baby Guava
KIM CUC (55) is a typical Vietnamese tiger mom, whose life has been wholeheartedly devoted to maintaining the model image of her family. She wants her children to also meet social expectations when it comes to marriage and career, but her core values are challenged when MAI- her 30-year-old single daughter is diagnosed with schizophrenia and QUANG- her son comes out as gay.

MAI has difficulty differentiating between reality and visions. A 30 years old with the enthusiasm and maturity of a teenager, she's full of half baked ideas but getting pregnant before marriage was never one of them. Despite people’s doubt about her ability to be
a mother, MAI fiercely tries to prove that she can take care of her own child.

Growing up gay, Quang slowly detaches from the family. Living away, the more he freely expresses his vibrant, out and proud persona, the less he wants to conform to being the obedient youngest child.

When MAI gives birth to her son and QUANG moves back home, the three find themselves adapting to the new roles of the grandmother, the mom, and the uncle. BABY JACKFRUIT BABY GUAVA is a family memoir exploring motherhood and individuality, plotted by current timeline and incidents with stories and sound of the past.