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Adlino Dananjaya
Anindhita Bunga Ayodhya
Damar Ardi
Bunga Ineza
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A son helps his father to face the people who are still traumatized by his most controversial 1984 masterpiece, for the first time.
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Permanent (Permanen)
September 30th 1965 is the night that changed Indonesia forever. That night led to Indonesia’s first president, Sukarno, being ousted from the office, as military General Suharto took control of the government, and went on ruling for 32 years.
In 1984, the event was made into a docudrama film, Pengkhianatan G 30/S PKI (The Betrayal of the Communist Party), which depicts the period leading up to the coup and several days after it, all with the violence, gore images, and terrifying details. 14 years towards the end of Suharto’s regime, millions of Indonesian children were required to watch the film that apparently continues to haunt most of them to this day.
Adlino (25 years old) has always seen his father, Subarkah (62 years old), an artist who is behind this most controversial film in Indonesian cinema history, as a role model that he could always look up to. Until decades later, when Adlino starts to wonder how the film has impacted people for a long period of time, he also begins to discover the real power of art by helping his father to face what he always rejects: the truth.