Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right Some Women
Zi Qi Low
Quenyee Wong
Director & Writer
Wan Ping Looi
Cinematographer, Editor
Glen Goei
Executive Producer
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Participating Lab
Storytelling Lab
A closeted director, Quen Wong, reconciles with her trans status while making a documentary about Singapore's most famous transwomen communities ranging from the 'Bugis Street' era to present day.
Production Company
Tiger Tiger Pictures
Some Women
Some Women is a documentary that is part observational, part participatory, centering on trans-women from different walks of life.

Anita is one of the transgender sex workers who had put Bugis Street (the 50s - 80s) on the international map! Anita reminisces on those glorious days with rose-tinted lenses. She now awaits her opportunity to escape the country, but how can she, as a retiree with financial and family woes.

In 2017, Cassandra, a then 20-year-old student, had challenged societal norms by declaring, “I am trans, will you take a photo with me?” Now, she wants to challenge the state with a protest march to introduce gender-neutral restrooms. However, will the state laws prevent her from doing that first?

When her husband passed away, Sonia was forced to become the sole breadwinner of the family. A jack of all trades, Sonia does all kinds of odd jobs to raise her 10-year-old son. He knows her sacrifices but he does not know her trans status yet. Now that he’s coming of age, how will she reveal it to him, and what would his reaction be?

Helming this documentary as its director, Quen is confronted by a conundrum: can she ask her transgender film subjects to out themselves before the camera when she’s not prepared to out herself, even in life. Through intimate diaries and pseudo-realistic devices, we see how Quen deals with her guilt and shame to ultimately embrace her transwoman status.