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Bryan Kristoffer Brazil
Lea Paz Torre
Antonio Lou Chua
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A mother of former altar boys and a Catholic priest are ready to face a seemingly David-and-Goliath battle against all odds.
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Manila Montage Inc.
The Altar Boys
This documentary begins with the story of former altar boys who were allegedly abused by American priest Fr. Kenneth Hendricks, who has served as a missionary to Biliran, Philippines for almost four decades. Nenita, mother of Camilo and RJ, filed a sexual abuse case against Hendricks. Meanwhile, in a recent Vatican summit, a former Manila Archbishop and newly appointed Vatican prefect Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle condemned the culture of cover-up to protect the perpetrators from the church. Tagle urged church leaders not to shy away from acknowledging the pain of victims. The film ends with the outcome of Nenita and Tagle’s fight to end sexual abuse in the church.