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Dwi Sujanti Nugraheni
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A quiet village turns vibrant during clove harvest season. The farmers, clove pickers, everyone are dancing and singing to celebrate it while a mining company taking their land illegally.
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The Ballad of Clove Village
Lede, a quiet village surrounded by the sea and clove plantation hill in Talibau Island, North Moluccas turns vibrant and hectic during clove harvest season. Thousands of people from far away islands arrive to pick clove. Most of them stay in the hut or tarpaulin tent among the trees inside of the clove plantation without any electricity and running water. But they always find their way to entertain them self, with their ukulele and jimbe they sing and line dance around the bonfire every night. Single men and women look for soul mates there by visiting other camps or joining dance parties.

At the back of the clove plantation hills, a mining company is taking more and more plots of land illegally. The local corrupt government officials are selling the clove plantation land to the mining company without permission from the clove farmers. The farmers try to take these cases to the court but they don’t have the money to hire a good lawyer. The farmers are concerned that they won’t be able to hand over the clove plantation to their grandchildren and the workers fear they will lose their seasonal job.

Three characters that represent the story of the village will be followed in observational way: a farmer who lost almost all his land to the mining company, the clove picker who tries his luck to find a soul mate, and a 15- year old tomboy girl who helps her family in the first harvest of their clove plantation.