Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right The Journey to the East
Marjito Iskandar Tri Gunawan
Ali Minanto
Production Status
Start Production
Date of Completion
January 2022
Participating Lab
Storytelling Lab
A disabled woman struggles to become a professional weightlifter while fighting off stigma and facing challenging condition of her family.
Production Company
Tumbuh Kembang Films
The Journey to the East
Sutiayah (39) is a polio sufferer. However, She tries to become a weightlifter. This sport becomes a challenge for her as well as a hope for her to survive. She lives with her husband, her father in law, and her son. Sutiyah had to take care of Hartono, her husband, who was permanently disabled. She also had to take care of her father in law who had dementia. In addition, she has to work to pay for the studies of her son who is still in elementary school. Sutiyah works by sewing clothes, while her husband serves the repair of electronic devices. This job certainly cannot fulfill all the needs of her family. Moreover, the Covid 19 pandemic added to the difficult situation
She decided to become a weightlifter even though she had to get ridicule from her neighbors. Living in all its limitations and pressure does not make Sutiayah discouraged. Since one year ago, she has been prepared herself to participate in the national paralympic event in 2021 in Papua. She wants to prove herself as a formidable athlete who success in the event and she hope can will take home the gold medal.