Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right The Social Media
Tin Win Naing
Soe Arkar Htun
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Storytelling Lab
Since social media become part of our daily life, how they are using it as a powerful medium to address the finding of justice and truth to the people?
Production Company
Kefka Film Production
The Social Media
A media researcher who has to works in front of the computer for several hours. Usually, he will go through different social media accounts and pages to collect information later he tracks do of this information to their sources and find which are the real news and which are not. End of the day, he can deliver all of it to the public to give them aware of these fake news and not to spread among their network.

An investigative journalist who writes highly sensitive social and political news for his reader and has some experiencing life threading cases but never stops working on what he loves. With the help of social media reach an audience than the traditional way.

A social activist and colleges are working together to get more freedom of expression in the country and also fighting to get justice for several cases. Social media become one of their big platform and many people get involved with them on their journey to fight for justice.

Social media become one of the big platforms for these three people somehow there is a law that is limiting for them. Will they find another way to overcome this obstacle?