Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right The Treasure of Sumatra
Dennis Angga Hermawan
Amerta Kusuma
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A filmmaker is following the journey of tiger ranger who tracking Sumatran Tiger in the dense rainforest. Not only find the tiger, in this expedition they found their truly self.
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KawanKawan Media
The Treasure of Sumatra
We heard more and more news about human-tiger conflict in Sumatra. This condition makes a tiger ranger named Haray dedicate his life try to mediate human-tiger conflict and to postpone the extinction of endangered Sumatran Tiger. This time, Haray’s journey is a bit different than usual, there is a filmmaker following his activities. Haray is exploring Sumatran rainforest in attempt to mapping the tiger’s movement, hope by doing this he can learn about tiger’s behavior and why the tiger is more often came to the village near his habitat. A filmmaker interested in Haray’s activities and try to documenting the conservation effort, he hoped by following Haray he can understand why Haray choosing this way of life and try to understand the importance if this conservation activities for Haray, can he live his life without this? To find and film wild tiger in their habitat is a very long journey that takes time and great effort, in their wait both Haray and filmmaker get the chance to reflecting about their self and about their goals in this journey deep in Sumatran rainforest. It seems that with their effort to understand about themselves, they can start to understand about the tiger.