Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right Voyage to the Past (Sebuah Perjalanan Panjang)
Patar Simatupang
Director & Producer
Endro Aji Purnomo
Iwan Bax
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Start Production
Date of Completion
Participating Lab
Storytelling Lab
Tired of waiting for years, three ex-political prisoners and a writer in their late seventies with lives of different paths take a humble decision - visit their similar pasts.
Production Company
True Colours Indonesia
Voyage to the Past (Sebuah Perjalanan Panjang)
Tumiso’s everyday life as a caretaker of a senior house for ex-political prisoners seems to end. One by one, seniors there dies. The 78-year old man announces that he wants to leave all behind and trip to Buru island where he was imprisoned. Shocking decision compared to his usual quiet life but colored by his attendings human rights events such Kamisan - weekly protest in front of presidential palace wearing black t-shirt and black umbrella where he meets people like the youngsters, Bejo and Martin. At a humble launching of writer Martin’s memoir where Bejo, 79, congratulates Martin for his consistency in his writing. Meanwhile Martin, 77, tells about his writing a new story about and old house with a touch of the genocide around 1965. This intersects with Bejo, who for years collects data about concentration camps reveals his next trip. All leave their houses. On the floors of the senior house we see emptiness, unoccupied bedrooms, folded wheelchairs and crutches, closed communist books, broken beds and a pile of rotten black umbrella laying on the webbed, dusty dark and humid second floor. They are, in different ways visit the island but stop at Greg’s painting exhibition in Surabaya, “Buru Island in Sketches” and to say condolences for the death of his wife. The long voyage to the island, three days, is a contemplation where we find all conversations, paintings, sketches, songs intersect at one point or another during the dark and the after years of waiting.