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Komtouch Napattaloong
Noorahaya Lahtee
Aekaphong Saransate
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Early Post-Production
Date of Completion
August 2021
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After living six years with uncertainty in Thailand, a young Sudanese family receives a call about their resettlement to Canada, but the news was not all that they hoped for.
Production Company
Vertical Films
Hours of Ours
In one of Bangkok’s low-income neighborhoods, the Ibrahims, a young Sudanese family who evacuated from their home country since 2013, live among other Thais, Asian migrants and refugees.

After years of attending the local Thai school, the children, Amira (10), Khalil (8) and Khalid (7) grow up and absorb the local language and culture while their parents, Aswera and Hashim, try to accomplish a stable life and avoid trouble from Thai authorities.

One day, the family receives an important call that their resettlement has been accepted by Canada. However, before their departure, the parents must be detained at Bangkok’s dreaded Immigrations Detention Center for one month without their children. In this final month, the children move into an NGO shelter house for young asylum seekers. Staying apart from their parents and with this new environment, the children come to realise their true situation in Thailand.

The departure day arrives. The Ibrahims finally reunite and say goodbye to their friends. Happiness, sadness, hopes, and fears which are shared become precious memories. As they leave Thailand, they begin to restart their search for ‘home’.