Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right Love, Hate, and Reason (Antara Cinta dan Benci)
Yogi Fuad
David Darmadi
Patar Simatupang
Production Status
Early Post-Production
Date of Completion
December 2020
Participating Lab
Editing Lab
In healing an unspeakable grief Dini, 47 years, becoming a humanist of her own making finds something else more important, a thing she hates.
Production Company
True Colours Indonesia
Love, Hate, and Reason (Antara Cinta dan Benci)
Everyone has way to deal with grief, so does Dini. She helps people with any thing she can as this psychology lecturer and consultant she helps herself. Before, after a long time being a single mother, this victim of domestic violence from her first husband she took a dare decision, marrying a caring person. A year living in love, he died. Doing all the things she does is for him. Without knowing the result after some years: the more she does this the more people she sees in need of helps. People living in islands wait for her to bring them wheelchairs, books, food, money for school. Often she is asked to cancel the trip for bad weather - big waves however Dini, as usual, insists for she doesn’t have much time. All become a seemingly complex mission. She always repeats, “I don’t do this for any religion group or company. I'm no politician doing a race!” Among many experiences, this time she cannot resists Tina, a 17-year old girl with mental problem and baby Sisca with weak backbone who lays on bed since born. Trying to heal an intense sorrow of Clerry's death but what she sees are fragile human beings; disabled, adults and children with HIV/AIDS, elderly, you name it. Bringing beautiful flower bouquet every year to Clerry's grave located near the kitchen of his parents, this time of Valentine's, Dini comes with a note for Clerry asking when this will end.