Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right Planet of Love
Ika Wulandari
Greg Arya
Tonny Trimarsanto
Production Status
Rough Cut
Date of Completion
July 2021
Participating Lab
Editing Lab
A grandma cares for her HIV positive grandson full time and eventually has to let him go, but she continues her life caring for other children with HIV.
Production Company
Rumah Dokumenter
Planet of Love
Ngatiyem (65) wants to make sure that her grandson, Okta (9) gets whatever he needs to survive, especially health care and education. She decides to move to Solo and work as a nanny, lleaving her village on the slopes of Mount Merbabu so she can be with her grandson. In Solo, they live in an orphanage for children with HIV called Lentera. The place hosts children and nannies who are all HIV positive except Ngatiyem. Because of the discrimination from the neighbours, less than a year later Lentera is relocated by the local government to a new secluded place inside the Veteran's Cemetery Complex. Not long after that, Okta and 13 other children are expelled from their school due to their HIV status. Because of this, they spend their time studying at home, playing and fishing in the cemetery pond. Partly because of too much physical activity, Okta's condition worsens rapidly until eventually he passes away. Ngatiyem mourns on her return home for Okta's funeral. After all that has happened, circumstances call for Ngatiyem to return to Lentera and witness the same cycle of life repeating itself in the orphanage.