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As a disciple of Father Bert himself, the filmmakers are often challenged with critical thinking that Father himself taught in the past reflecting his departure from Papua.
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Soeboertono Mote
Lambertus Henricus Hagendoorn, also known as Father Bert is a priest that has been serving in several cities in Papua for 45 years is retiring and now is going back to his homeland, Netherlands. Through multiple eyes: his disciples, local figures and his own, we are capturing the process of him going home. As someone who already got an Indonesian nationality due to his long period of stay and his status, Father Bert has known Indonesia, especially Papua like the back of his hand. Throughout December 2018 until July 2019, we are following him going through a heartbreaking process, grief that was felt by leaving place he has called home his whole life, obtaining visa in order to go back to Netherland and leaving all the people around him. This also triggered a retrospective views within his 45 years long period. Exploring his first encounter with Christianity, and why he devoted to be a Priest and live as a Celibate and his first time coming to Indonesia. This continues with interviews from his disciples and people around him. We also challenged his views on politics, as a Priest and a member of Fransiscan order, he refused to be involved in practical politics but went through the activism way. Founded Yapeda, an organization concerning AIDS in Papua. On a more personal level, we also raised the question: his definition of home. The film ends with footage of him going home, which he recorded himself and meet the remainder of his family.